How good is the crack they’re smoking at the IRS/Treasury Department (or USPTO or FCC)

Really. Truly. Honestly. What the F*** is going on? How much dope are they smoking? Oh wait, it’s much simpler than that, they’ve just been bought by lobbyists. How silly of me to have assumed that it could be anything other than the usual corruption.

Cleary the almost daily deluge of nonsense coming from the USPTO (this is a good one) or the FCC (this or this) isn’t enough to make us all squirm, now we have to deal with the IRS and Treasury Department selling us out:

The IRS is quietly moving to loosen the once-inviolable privacy of federal income-tax returns. If it succeeds, accountants and other tax-return preparers will be able to sell information from individual returns – or even entire returns – to marketers and data brokers.

IRS plans to allow preparers to sell data [Philadelphia Daily News