I’ve moved AKA Streamlining my lifestream with some Posterous glue

Throughout the years I have been looking for the killer way to manage everything in one place and have that then disseminate to the pertinent spokes of my online (and sometimes offline) life.

That need for simplicity and streamlining lead me to help found my last company, Sooloos, where we created our ultimate digital music system where almost all of the tedious digital music chores (like metadata and cover grabbing, backups, mp3 transcoding, playlist generation and management, et al…) were handled automagically and then made available for consumption at home, in portable devices, and to streaming devices.

Anyway, I digress, I was going to resucitate my blog when I started hearing more and more about this killer Posterous service where they took the notion of hub and spoke and made it real. It’s baciscally what’s been in my head for years and what I have always wanted, a one stop shop for posting and sharing to all of the various sites and services I use without lifting a finger to bring them together. It is the proverbial cloud glue that I have needed and wanted.

So, with that, here’s my new attempt to get everything flowing, effortlessly and efficiently. We’ll see how the experiment goes, and I can only hope that the Posterous ninjas continue to deliver at the frenetic pace that they have been over the last few months.

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