AT&T navigator iPhone #ux #fail: update nukes synced web favorites. Here’s my fix/solution:

I’m not sure how many people out there use this service but I thought this was worth mentioning.
I was spared the crash-while-calculating-route bug that has afflicted many folks, but if you’re one of those unlucky few, the NYTimes posted a fix for that problem here:
So, I updated AT&T navigator on my iPhone this weekend and I was once again prompted to confirm my willingness to give them cash (2nd time on iPhone); bear in mind I have had this service for a couple of years now through Telenav.
Anyway, I updated it over the weekend and saw that there’s a new url which is basically an AT&T branded version of a piece of the site. I went to check it out and make sure that everything ported over, especially all of my favorites because I’ve been burned by this before. Sure enough not one of my favorites synced over.
I tried:
1. resyncing the iPhone and the Web site with no success
2. I tried “driving” to one of the favorites to see if it would show up in the web site’s recent destinations, so that I could re-add it as a favorite. Again, no success and also worrisome considering I am unsure what will happen moving forward.
3. I finally thought about editing and resaving the favorite on the iPhone hoping that there was some sort of sync state error between the iPhone app and the web site – specifically that they each thought they had all the favorites and there was no need for updating. Success. I went into each favorite, “edited” and saved it, then once I was done, I synced the iPhone app and all my favorites appeared online.
All in all, it was an annoyance but at least I didn’t have to go in an re-enter every single favorite address. That said, I’d definitely consider this a UX fail, especially when combined with the crash bug from above. Not a great weekend for AT& Navigator…

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