Two steps forward one step back with yet another Apple app, this time it’s Preview

I am fairly certain this went down in the Snow Leopard update but I just spent the better part of 10 minutes with my jaw agape because nowhere in Preview could I find a way to delete a single page from a multi page PDF. 

One used to be able to simply hit command-delete and that would do the trick. Now that key combo unceremoniously sends the entire file to the trash.

I looked in the menus and contextual menus and found nothing, well I did find a full menu item dedicated to inserting a blank page. WTF?!?

Well, turns out Apple didn’t completely leave us in the lurch, the key combo exists, it’s just not documented. Anywhere. Drumroll: highlight the page in the sidebar and hit option-delete and voila. I know, it’s not that revolutionary as a key combo, but it’s something.

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