Quick Hands On With OSX Lion

Messing around with Lion. So far so good.

Mission control might actually get me to use spaces and dashboard more than I currently do.

I’m going to reserve judgement on Launchpad since I am a huge fan of LaunchBar. That said I could see using it for apps I don’t use on a day to day basis since I can’t remember them all by name. Maybe as a multiple dock replacement

Finder has received some love with AirDrop integration and file arrangements in views (types, modified dates, app creators, size, labels,et al)

Full screen view feels odd as it’s a kiosk or windows paradigm, but I could easily see using it to stay focused. One thing at a time right?

Looking forward to upgrading in about a month once the dust has settled, all the upgrade woes are known, and all my apps are Lion friendly.

Hardware sidenote, I’d never played with the Bluetooth Magic Trackpad and I do like it more than a mouse – it needs more gestures though.