MUSIC:reflections for 2021-12-17 – New Music Releases

This Week's New Releases

Individual Release Spotify Links
Heavy on end of year comps, including three from the Anjuna family and MoS.
All-in-One Spotify Playlist:

All the releases in one playlist for easy consumption:

Last Week's Distilled Gems

Individual Release Spotify Links
Julia sings  holiday songs. Some are really great, but it’s still holiday songs

Solid if you know/love the artists but nothing super differentiating:


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MUSIC:reflections, is mostly new music releases that I am tracking for myself and figured I’d share.

General disclaimer about new releases:

  • This is an informed curated pull and, like life, there are no guarantees. There may be some duds, some meh and hopefully some gems that are real keepers that bring you joy.
  • This is pulled from artists I know and love, to artists I’ve heard good things about and want to check out their newest output.
  • They roughly in stack ranked order from must list immediately to want to get to.
  • Not everything in here is for everybody, hell, not everything in here will end up being for me. This is about exploration, getting outside of our bubbles, and ultimately about discovery.

I’ll post on Fridays with an aggregated playlist, roughly in the order I want to listen to them – from first listen to last. I work through it over the coming week, then rinse and repeat.

Bottom line: YMMV