MUSIC:reflections for 2022-03-11

This Week's New Releases

Let’s celebrate the ladies this week with new music from BOLIS PUPUL & Charlotte Adigéry, Phoebe Bridgers, Florence, Jenny Hval, Jordana, Maia Friedman, and some archival music from PJ Harvey.

Individual Releases on Spotify:


All the releases in one playlist for easy consumption: MUSIC:reflections for 2022-03-11 Spotify Playlist

Last Week's Distilled Gems

Bob Moses and Stromae did not disappoint with excellent albums. Can’t wait to see Bob Moses on this tour.

ODESZA’s new double single was tremendous. So happy to have new music from them. When album and tour?

The Channel Tres album was odd. There were some solid grooves in there that sounded like the Channel Tres I love, but it’s all instrumental, which is so strange as he brings so much energy/groove/vibe with his voice and lyrics. Almost should be considered a side project with a different name, Channel Dos? lol

Also, very good new music from Bartees Strange, Nilüfer Yanya and Peach Pit

Individual Releases on Spotify

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