MUSIC:reflections for 2022-03-18

This Week's New Releases

Better late than not at all after some tech hiccups earlier, and then a fantastic day at the beach. Thanks for your understanding, and now back to business.

This week sees some great new releases from favorites Thom Yorke (need a Radiohead album and show very soon), José Gonzalez, Arcade Fire, and Midlake. Lots of electronic and house with Deorbiting, Blue States, Roland & Albert with The Orb, Alan Fitzpatrick, Kasablanca, Crackazat, Demarkus, Tejada, and many more. Also, curious to see if Rosalia can follow up her excellent last record.

Individual Releases on Spotify:



All the releases in one playlist for easy consumption: MUSIC:reflections for 2022-03-18 Spotify Playlist

Last Week's Distilled Gems

Black Keys, Father John Misty and Florence + The Machine all put out great teasers to (hopefully) coming full lengths. The Bolis Pupul & Charlotte Adigéry album was great funky electro.

Individual Releases on Spotify

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