Zfone arrives and thus so does encryption for VOIP (finally and thankfully)

Fresh software from Phil Zimmerman (THE guy who wrote PGP), which solves one of the biggest problems with VOIP, security & encryption.

Zfone hooks into your existing setup and should automatically detect new outgoing calls and attempt to establish a secure connection between you and your buddy. Hopefully it’ll work as advertised because this has been sorely missing from any of the VOIP solutions out there.

Like PGP and PGPfone, which he created as human rights tools for people around the world to communicate without fear of government eavesdropping, Zimmermann hopes his new program will restore some of the civil liberties that have been lost in recent years and help businesses shield themselves against corporate espionage.

Privacy Guru Locks Down VOIP [Wired News]

Available for OSX, and Linux (Windows is coming is April): download here