Follow up to my #NetNewsWire / Google Reader experiment. So far, so awesome; more thoughts:

I always loved NetNewsWire and it was my RSS reader of choice until Google reader came out. I traded in NNW’s significantly better user experience for the convenience of Google’s cloud and better integration with my browser especially with respect to adding new feeds (see Google’s “subscribe as you surf” bookmarklet [via Manage Subscriptions -> Goodies in Reader]).

With yesterday’s introduction of NNW’s Google Reader Sync integration, I have to say that moving NetNewsWire away from NewsGator’s own online sync services to Google Reader is the smartest thing they could have done. As a result, I see them re-becoming my (the?) defacto desktop RSS reader, with Google Reader becoming the glue/cloud that binds desktop with mobility. I haven’t used the NewsGator desktop product but I just have to assume

So, NetNewsWire is back in my world, and I see myself consuming more content, more easily, and in less time. Win, win and win.

Here are a few reasons why NetNewsWire for RSS reading rules:

  • Pre-loading of the feeds allows me to tear through so many more feeds in far less time since I don’t ever have to wait for an item’s content to load
  • As a result of the pre-loading I can read content when not online and flag them for further follow up, like on flights, et al
  • Native OSX app so all my usual keyboad shortcuts and then some work
  • Better UX due to it being a native app, so everything’s local and fast, and it adheres to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines which work for me
  • 3 column view [Feeds & Folders | Feed or Folder Items | Item] which allows me to scan many more items at once
  • I can applescript NNW which opens up many new workflow possibilities (for example, I can snip to Evernote AND send an email to Posterous at the same time)
  • Although I do love the Google Reader Snow Leopard theme, you have full feed CSS customizability: want bigger fonts, different colors and backgrounds? no problem
  • I am certain more items will come

Needless to say I cannot wait for the NetNewsWire iPhone app that supports Google reader. Once that comes, I’ll finally have all my RSS feeds in the cloud, syncing across all my platforms and devices, and be able to take them with me when I’m disconnected


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