yojimbo follow up and applescript fun

yesterday i wrote about how great my first impressions of yojimbo were. after sitting with it for a day, i think i am going to have to buy it.

i don’t think i’ll be using it for any password or serial number functionalities as I have splashid rocking that job out; i can’t think of a better application to handle my mass/mess of passwords, provide my paranoid self me with the security of blowfish encryption, and it of course syncs with my treo. that’s an all around win.

anyway, i have been using yojimbo to import all my pdfs from the last couple years, and it did that with gusto. i just point it at the folder, hit import, and there were all my pdf files and fully searchable from within yojimbo. sweet.

then i discovered what i can easily see becoming the killer feature for me, true web archives. pdfs are great because they capture a moment in time. one of the problems with pdfs is that they don’t capture links, and for something like a web archive, active clickable links are good. enter web archives; think of safari’s web archive feature, or firefox’s save as complete web page, but without the clutter and hassle of filing, and having it be searchable and instantly available. now that’s awesome.

so i found the killer feature but found entering teh data to be a bit clunky, enter applescript. i whipped up a quick applescript that will grab the current url in firefox and automatically create a new yojimbo web archive. all i did afterwards, was add it to my quicksilver catalog, assign it a simple abbreviation “yc” (for yojimbo capture) and away i went. if you don’t know about quicksilver, all i can say is it’s truly awesome and go download it immediately.

the script is below, and there is one caveat, it works in firefox; to get it to work in safari isn’t a problem but requires a little tweaking (it’s in the script, you just need to uncomment the safari block and comment out the firefox block)

get the script here: yojimbo capture applescript